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Litigation cycle times analytics


Your legal department needs metrics to manage its operations and to show its value to stakeholders in the company. (If you manage a Global 2000 Legal Department and disagree with this statement, please let us know immediately, as Justly may be due for a pivot.)



Our first product, built upon Justly’s complete contemporaneous record of public litigation data, proprietary architecture and analytics, is now on offer as an ‘Early Case Assessment’ dashboard for managing U.S. civil litigation.


Determine tasks, phases and cycle times for civil litigation

Corporate legal operations and procurement managers use timeline analytics and the sort of dashboard metrics that Justly offers—at present, cycle times for US civil proceedings (request early access)—to supplement their in-house expertise and existing matter management and procurement processes and tools. 

In particular, Justly’s data-driven insights help corporate legal departments:

* Instantly assess the business impact of new litigation in support of peak operational efficiency

* Structure alternative fee arrangements and negotiate fair pricing terms with outside counsel

* Standardize outside counsel engagements and billing practices in more complex matter types

* Set and maintain accurate legal budgets that respond to developments in an engagement’s lifecycle


* Reduce, optimize and eventually predict legal spend, and make data-supported decisions to pivot or proceed, in any type of business litigation


Legal matter management technology specifically designed for non-lawyers

When we reach cruising altitude Justly will be the most accessible and reliable legal analytics platform available to all stakeholders in the legal services market, with little-to-no on-boarding costs for users to benefit from our public data-derived insights and metrics. 

Moreover, ours is the first legal data platform of its kind specifically designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of legal business operationsfrom sourcing to engaging to budgeting to managing to evaluating outside counselas a means to control costs and reduce spend. 


Assess the business impact of litigation

Justly’s new homepage explains how its ‘Early Case Assessment’ solution works. Simply identify your case (or describe it if non-public), and our technology does the rest. 



Justly Litigation Timeline Analytics (screenshot)
Screenshots of ‘Early Case Assessment’ for Post-Offering Securities Litigation



This is just the beginning. As we proceed Justly’s focus will continue to rest, as it has since its founding, on industry’s demands for predictability, transparency and value-based pricing of corporate legal services. As we like to say, it’s beyond time.


Request early access to Litigation Timeline Analytics

Gathering feedback on our ‘Early Case Assessment’ product and deepening our data-analysis capabilities across practice areas are Justly’s top priorities. This requires us to deliver Justly’s promised value to its early adopters, first and foremost. Please be patient as we expand the feedback loop to add new partners and broaden our offering over the next several weeks.

Invitations to use Justly’s Timeline Analytics gratis will be extended through July 15, in limited number. Please sign up today to request early access and receive updates on Justly’s progress. 

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