Happy Birthday, Justly

Justly Birthday

A year ago on March 27, I packed my litigator’s bag in a box, and with just a dream and a name (you start early when it’s your first), I traversed midtown to ignite my vision for making the legal services market more efficient. The next day, March 28, Justly met its first team and started customer discovery. 

As milestones go, turning one in startup years is like turning 40 in human years. (Or, having not yet turned 39, how my cheery self imagines it will feel like.) 

There is some satisfaction – here, that the business model has evolved in the right direction and taken us this far; there’s cautious optimism  that we will celebrate again next year, with our team as our greatest source of pride; and there’s hope beyond  that Justly will remain meaningful and create value well past its metaphorical 80s. 

But mostly there’s the intense dread of knowing that middle-age is going to bite, and we can kiss the Golden Years goodbye, given that early retirement is out of the question.

Suffice to say we’re skipping the party this year. For my part, I plan to mark the occasion at home, curled up with a glass of wine and Mitratech’s new report, “Catching the Wave: Legal Technology Spend at $3 Billion and Growing.” And then if I’m not too exhausted I’ll get back to work. 

Here’s to Justly, to whom none but my real-life family shall compare. May there be many, many happy returns of the day, for our team, for our investors, and for our customers, amen.

Check out our blog for more info and updates, or click the talk bubble below-right to wish us your best on our special day.

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