Justly’s Legal Billing Guidelines

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To quote from the preface to the CLOC Industry Billing Guidelines:


These Legal Billing Guidelines offer a common, standardized set of terms for use with outside counsel. Standardization will benefit all. We encourage you to adopt or adapt these terms for your company’s use with outside counsel. 

Justly’s Legal Billing Guidelines are effective today. They have been adapted from the CLOC form to suit the early-stage needs of a lean startup, and we will keep updating them as the legal services market continues to evolve. 

We believe these billing and retention guidelines reflect the most sensible way for our company to pay for legal services, and we hope they lie at the foundation of many mutually profitable Justly-attorney relationships going forward. 

Businesses striving for repeatable startup success in the legal department can download their copy here (attribution should be to the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium).

We will post updates in response to your feedback, and look forward to sharing more customer learning on Justly’s Blog.


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