Welcome to Justly 1.0

In starting Justly I couldn’t have conceived of what we are today, even as the original concept remains.

The Big Idea (an essential yet challenging bit of business, we’ve learned) — what started it all — rested on 3 pillars.

1. That given Big Data a new enterprise could combine billing data and various unstructured data (e.g, court records, SEC filings) to determine the notional value of common legal services;

2. That there would be independent value in aggregating a single “industry standard” source of data to inform all stakeholders in the market (GCs, procurement, outside counsel, insurers, etc.): and

3. That a neutral organization in the market — with a transparent, consistent and unbiased pricing system — could advance a more rational and more efficient market for legal services (and have similar applications to other professions).

Justly was created to be this neutral entity.

What I’ve learned was that plunking a new type of organization between consumers and providers wasn’t so far fetched after all. In fact such a model has complemented supply and demand in many markets and is recognized for transforming industries.

Justly is a platform for pricing legal services. What we are today is the product of my original vision and domain expertise and the latest in machine learning technology. Right now we’re gathering feedback from customers in limited demos of our app.

The countdown is progressing.

For more information please visit http://justly.com or email info@justly.com.

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